XPS Expansion Tunnel

post expansion tunnel system for XPS density reduction

  • Achieves XPS density reduction.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces XPS flammability. 
  • Full stainless steel construction.
  • The design of the tunnel and heating system guarantee the maximum safety throughout the operation.
  • High accuracy control panel, with user-friendly touch screen and monitoring software.
  • Intelligent temperature control, remote control capability. Alarms and error reporting.
  • Maximum efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption.
How to reduce XPS foam density.

Density reduction is the one of the most frequent pursuits of the XPS producing companiesThere are numerous advantages in lowering the weight per volume of foam produced such as: 

  • Cost reduction,
  • Use of less raw materials (solids and gases),
  • Production capacity increase,
  • Carbon footprint reduction.

However, the biggest pre-requisite for a successful XPS density decrease is to maintain the set of properties of the foam produced and especially:

  • its insulating properties (R value),
  • its flammability rating and
  • compressive strength values.

Another critical aspect is:

  • to achieve the density reduction without compromising the overall safety of the production line, especially regarding fire hazards.
Installing a post expansion Tunnel.

TSOP’s team of experienced Process and Mechanical engineers created a unique post expansion tunnel while keeping their focus in all the above. It is designed and built in a way that gives the absolute control of the conditions that prevail inside the tunnel to the operator. This gives a more uniform and stable result that is within the set of product properties that have been pre-defined by each producer. This is done with absolute safety and with the reduction of overall flammability as well as fire risks during the process of XPS foam expansion.

Furthermore, the post expansion tunnel system is:

  • rigidly built and problem free,
  • easy to control and
  • safe for the people that work around it.
  • It is designed and built as a fully electrical system with the highest environmental standards, concerning the preservation of energy inside the system and the recycling of the water that is used during the XPS density reduction process.
  • Made in EU completely and all its parts are CE certified

All the above come into a fully integrated, autonomous system that does not affect the rest of the mechanical equipment or the chemical processes that you already use.

And most importantly, our experienced team will support you all the way from the installation and training until the successful operation and the achievement of the targets.