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TSOP’s highly specialized team offers effective solutions in the thermal insulation industry by providing a broad range of high quality machinery for XPS production lines. The company manufactures Expansion tunnels, Embossing machines and Recycling equipment for XPS (compacting machines, grinders etc.), aiming at “upgrading” XPS production lines and improving the final product’s properties (surface, density etc.).


TSOP’s main goal is promoting innovation in the XPS industry through offering custom design equipment that not only meets the international quality standards, but is also highly adaptable to each customers’ needs. The company’s machinery combines customization and sustainability, ensuring energy efficiency and zero waste on resources.


The manufactured machines are highly customized to the customer’s needs and adapted to the requirements of each process, allowing TSOP to offer tailored solutions that match all kinds of production lines.


Every machine is accompanied by detailed 3D models, drawings (Autocad, Solidworks) and techno-economic models in order to achieve the creation of cost-effective equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. Our company’s premises contain all the necessary equipment, infrastructure and a skillful technical team to manufacture advanced machinery and turn ideas into products.

Quality Control

All products go through multiple stain tests in all functioning parts ensuring the highest quality standards are met. In certain products (e.g. steam generators) independent quality assessment organizations, test and certify our products for their safety and durability and proper workmanship.


Designed for use in the XPS industry for heat transfer and XPS expansion processes.

A fully electric embossing machine for XPS boards, fully electric, without oil.​

A post expansion tunnel system to increase volume and speed of your production.​


The highly user-friendly and flexible design of the manufactured equipment (upgraded PID systems, multiple sensors) results in machines to be highly automated and requiring minimal interference with the user to achieve the desired outcome.



Customers’ safety is top priority. All machines are equipped with parts that meet the necessary safety regulations specified by EU and include proactive safety measures (wide variety of control systems and alarms), ensuring individual protection and accident prevention.


TSOP guarantees high durability of its equipment, as materials with high resilience are used for the manufacturing process (stainless steel etc.) and all the company’s machinery is equipped with parts from widely recognized and leading global brands (SIEMENS, ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, etc.).

Energy Efficiency

A large emphasis is given in energy saving and sustainability. The resources are efficiently managed through the implementation of Inverters, PID algorithm, solid-state relays, remote monitoring and other systems based on the needs of each process, which effectively result in minimal consumption of electricity, water and other resources.

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