Electric Steam Boilers

Steam generators for heat transfer in the XPS production and industrial applications.


  • Fully electric, 100% heating efficiency.
  • Modular design for easy service, non-stop operation, and maximum efficiency.
  • Energy saving features.
  • Safety in operation. Manufactured under the strictest quality standards. CE marked. 
  • Fully thermally insulated for energy saving.
  • Integrated energy saving systems and water consumption saving, condensate recovery, solar water preheaters, insulated water storage vessels.
  • Computer control operations and errors. Industry 4.0 standards. Remote monitoring.
  • Capacities 20 – 50 -100 – 150 kg/hr. and higher with more units added. 

What makes a good Industrial Electric Steam boiler

Steam is used in many industry applications mainly to transfer heat to different sections of a production. Steam boilers come in many sizes and work with many different kinds of fuel, but TSOP manufactures only electrically heated steam boilers. The trends of the industry in many parts of the world is to focus on electricity as a more clean energy source that can be obtained by renewable sources such as wind and solar. With more than 50 years of experience in steam boiler manufacturing we have gained the necessary knowledge of what is best for each production line.


Advantages of electric boilers over oil and gas burning ones. Key features of a good and reliable Electric steam boiler:


1. Safety

This is the number one priority. All the features of the boiler should be designed with safety in mind. In EU, where we produce, and all over the world there are provisions that govern the safety of pressurized vessels. Electric boilers are in general safer since there is no fuel lines or fuel tanks to supply the energy, just electric power lines.

  • TSOP Steam Vessel designed and tested according to EU directive 2014/68/EU (former 97/23/EC). Independently tested and certified. It is CE marked.
  • Double vessel design on each individual machine.
  • Double pressure control switch (Certified).
  • Double relay switches for each vessel.
  • Safety valves for each vessel.
  • Steel case enclosure of the vessels.
  • Radiographic inspection for all the welding on the pressure vessel.
  • Alarm lights and sound devise in case of malfunction.
  • Remote monitoring of possible alarms.


2. Durability

Water and steam under pressure cause corrosion to every part they contact. The heating elements are constantly submerged while they heat up and they constantly expand and contract every time they turn on and off. Heat and humidity also affect the electric and electronic parts. Ions of calcium and magnesium that are usually present in the water supply also build up in the internal surfaces of the steam boiler and the peripheral fittings as well as on the heating elements.

  • TSOP offers high quality vessel design with thick walls with thick radiographically inspected welding.
  • Stainless steel copper and bronze fittings on the boiler.
  • Stainless-steel high-quality heating elements, specially designed to withstand size and shape changes that the temperature is causing to the metal.
  • The purge valve at the bottom of the vessel allows for any solids of the bottom to be quickly discharged before every use.
  • TSOP offers water treatment devices to reduce the amounts of minerals of the water before entering the boiler.


3. Energy consumption

Energy use comes at a cost, both in terms of money that we spend and in terms of environmental sustainability. Electrical boilers certainly have an advantage over oil or gas burning steam boilers. Burning gas and oil releases fumes and heat into the atmosphere. Also, the heat source cannot come in direct contact with the heated water. That is why, oil and gas boilers can only achieve energy efficiency of around 60%.

Electrical heating elements on the other hand have no fire, no fumes, no escaping heat. All heat they produce comes in direct contact with water and this gives energy efficiency close to 99.5%.

  • TSOP steam boilers are fully electric.
  • TSOP boilers are fully insulated to reduce dispersing of heat into the surrounding environment.
  • TSOP uses energy consumption indicators and gives feedback to the user in real time and also historic data so the final user can monitor them.


4. Speed and control

Getting steam at the right place, at the right quality and right quantity exactly the moment you want it is not always an easy task. The oil and gas burning steam boilers cannot compare in reaction time with the electric ones.

  • TSOP is manufacturing electric boilers that are much faster when they heat up and in addition, they can turn on and off as many times they need. The energy savings are significant as are the savings from maintenance.


5. Scalability

How much steam do you need? It is not always a straightforward answer. Installing a gas or oil burning unit requires a lot of installation work. So, most companies tent to invest sometimes double the capacity they need at any given time because they are worried about the costs of installation in case they need more in the future.

  • TSOP offers scalable and expandable steam boiler systems. You can easily add boilers as your production needs become higher. They are very easy to install –you just plug them and supply the water. So, you can get exactly what you need now and expand later.
  • Our steam boilers are compact in size. They can be placed near the application avoiding long distance steam pipes (energy losses – maintenance costs).