Company Profile

TSOP insulation technologies, started producing machinery for XPS in 2016. The need for energy saving is a constant pursuit at a global scale. This brings the insulation industry in the first line of innovation in finding new materials, faster and more efficient production methods using renewable sources and recyclable materials.

TSOP offers machinery in the areas of post expansion, thermal embossing, and thermal binding of XPS boards. We also offer solutions in polystyrene recycling with specially designed shredders and presses and recycling stations.

The basic principles of machinery design we follow are a) High degree of automation, b) Safety in all levels of user interaction, c) durability and high duty cycles, d) energy efficiency and zero waste. Having customers from every part of the world, we follow the highest production standards and remain flexible enough to adjust our final product to specific requirements of each country.

TSOP focuses on custom manufacturing methods giving the customer the product that really matches their needs. Our product design team consists of highly skilled mechanical, electronic, and chemical engineers that combine their expertise to achieve the target set by our customers.


TSOP’s main goal is promoting innovation in the XPS industry through offering custom design equipment that not only meets the international quality standards, but is also highly adaptable to each customers’ needs. The company’s machinery combines customization and sustainability, ensuring energy efficiency and zero waste on resources.


The manufactured machines are highly customized to the customer’s needs and adapted to the requirements of each process, allowing TSOP to offer tailored solutions that match all kinds of production lines.


Every machine is accompanied by detailed 3D models, drawings (Autocad, Solidworks) and techno-economic models in order to achieve the creation of cost-effective equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. Our company’s premises contain all the necessary equipment, infrastructure and a skillful technical team to manufacture advanced machinery and turn ideas into products.

Quality Control

All products go through multiple stain tests in all functioning parts ensuring the highest quality standards are met. In certain products (e.g. steam generators) independent quality assessment organizations, test and certify our products for their safety and durability and proper workmanship.

Our mission is summarized within three words:

Knowledge – Commitment – Results

Knowledge : Makes us who we are, and it keeps expanding with every new project we accomplish.

Commitment : To our moral values, to our business targets and to the targets of our customers who trusted us.

Results : Delivering the promised outcome, achieving the estimated goal, living up to the challenge, is in the end, what matters most.