Complete XPS Projects

TSOP offers complete fur and leather garment factory and tannery projects. Having the expertise and the experience from the leading fur factories and tanneries we can give you the complete solution.

Just in the past last 10 years TSOP has organised the productions of more than 100.000 square meters of production floors in tanneries and fur factories. We work in more than 40 countries around the world, including, Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Denmark and USA. The projects cover every part of the production from animal farming, pelting and tanneries to the biggest fur factories, fur cleaning facilities and retail shops. These projects have been organised for several materials of fur and leather including, mink, sheep, fox, nutria, rabbit, beaver, chinchilla, sable and many more. The knowledge and experience of TSOP company can be applied in all parts of the project management starting from the designing of the building facilities, following to supply and installation of machinery and finally personnel training on the operation and maintenance of all parts of the production.

Co-operation with TSOP guarantees the success of the project, maximum efficiency and productivity, minimum project materialization time and the minimum total project cost.


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